How often do you take your ADHD medication? : ADHD


When I was a kid, my teachers confronted my parents and told them that I should be looked at for ADHD. (I think I was like 9 or 10). I was put on Concerta for a few months and my parents didn’t really like how it made me all zombie like, etc so they took me off of it and the idea that I had ADHD went ignored for a long time. Fast forward to last year, I tried Adderall at one of my friend’s parties and it was like a huge awakening for me. I could think clearly, focus, be a normal social person and get things done. Within the last year I’ve bought it on occasion whenever I had something important to do or that required heavy focus. I just turned 24, and I finally spoke with a psychiatrist who does indeed believe I have ADHD. She started me out on 20mg Vyvanse, once a day for a week and then I’m supposed to double the dosage after that to see what works better for me. So far, I’m enjoying the Vyvanse as it works pretty similarly to Adderall in my opinion. My question is, how often do you guys take your medication? As much as it helps me concentrate and be productive, I don’t think I want to take it EVERY day. I want to be able to experience life without it as well, just so I have a sense of reality. How do you guys take your meds?

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