How to Get Your Family to Clean Your House


 A Client Success Story

My clients are brilliant at solving their problems!! And let me be honest…since getting my kids to clean my house is not a forte of mine, this is all Rene’s success!!

For many reasons, Rene decided that she wants her family to participate more in cleaning the house. Of course, she’d like the help, but most importantly, she wants everyone to feel responsible for caring for the shared household.

The first time we coached around this issue, she came up with a plan. She decided when the family would have cleaning time, what needed to be done, who would do what – and left our call intent to put her new plan into action.

The second time we talked, we coached around which parts of her plan had worked, and which parts had not. (See: Rinse and Repeat).

What Worked?

We started by celebrating the successes—the “wins” in her corner. What worked? She had:

  • set a clear expectation
  • communicated it with the family
  • put a structure in place
  • started getting the family to help out

What Didn’t Work

Then we looked at “what didn’t work.” She realized that she had NOT:

  • given anyone a choice about what tasks they’d do
  • given the family a choice about when “cleaning time” would be
  • gotten buy-in from the family

Test And Learn

In our coaching conversation, Rene determined to tweak some things and try again. She left ready to celebrate with her family, and do more to get their input on the process. Sure, she could “force” them to clean the house with her, but she realized that getting them to feel some ownership of the process will improve their buy-in – and ultimately lead to better results.

Of course, this process works for getting buy-in for anything that needs to get done – but wouldn’t it be great if you used it for cleaning your house?

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