How to stop forgetting the mechanisms you put in place to stop forgetting : ADHD


not diagnosed ADHD- but have been advised that it sounds like I have from a behavioural counsellor and to get tested

So basically how do you guys remember stuff? For example, I’ll be writing an essay (2weeks after its due of course). I’ll be working on a section and then in the reading I find something for another section or something triggers a new idea for another point or section. I either go to the new point or section and subsequently forget completely that I was just trying to work on the previous section or i write down what I want to remember but then forget that I ever wrote it down. I often end up with the whole essay consisting of unintentionally half written sections which are so hard to go back and rectify as they are on various topics. I have such an issue with staying on task and feel I have lots of great ideas but forget them, or write them down but have about 20 new pieces of paper with ideas on that I usually find after the work is done and I’m like OWWW that was a good point!! Even if I have one singular notebook, I will write stuff down but will never remember to go back and look at it again. I often have about 10 word documents for every essay I write, lots of different notes pages etc. I do this because I want to start a fresh because I find it overwhelming looking at so many notes and it just makes me so agitated and frustrated and want to give up. Any help would be greatly appreciated x

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