I (14M) finally found a way to somewhat do daily exercise! : ADHD


So, I am yet do be diagnosed, but noticed that I relate to lots of stuff here, but show nearly all symptoms. Just so you know. So regarding the title: I am sure I am not the only one, that’s like “Damn Imma build up some muscles!” And then… forgets about it 2 days later… I’ve always been like that, and tbh it kinda sucked :/ Most of you have probably heard of a game called “Beatsaber”… I decided to get the game and play it daily on my PS4 in mid-february. Now, I know it’s not really efficient, as the controllers are very light, and I mainly only use my arms, but over the time, I noticed that my arms aren’t just bones anymore, but are starting to get some muscles! I’ve also lost some fat, but I’m already a skinny, a little too skinny, fellow, so I probably should also eat some more… Exercise is alot more easier to remember and actually do, when it’s actually fun for you 😀

TL;DR: I couldn’t exercise, but after playing beatsaber daily, I reached some kind of daily workout!

I am sorry if it doesn’t fit the subreddit, but I thought that I am not the only one with that problem, so I decided to maybe help some people here, while also introducing them to a whole new medium!

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