I cant stop becoming too emotionally attached to others : ADHD


My cycle goes like this

  1. I dont have any attachments to people because i let go of the previous one or ruined my relationship with them

  2. I feel free and dont care what others think because i feel like i have nothing to prove

  3. Being myself, i meet someone new who i get emotionaly attached to(usually a girl. I dont really get over attached to new male friends anymore)

  4. I constantly think of the person when alone or with my friends and this causes me to lose my usual creativity and independant way of thinking and i cant be myself anymore

  5. I start obsessing over this person and stop enjoying my usual hobbies. My happiness depends completely on the persons validation.

  6. Self doubt because of the frustration that this attachment brings

  7. I lose confidence

  8. I ruin it with this person because of my overthinking or i finally let go

  9. Back to number 1

How can i break this cycle because i feel like it is controling my life and it feels like i cant break free of attachment to others

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