I don’t have ADHD : ADHD


This sub prompted me to get a psychological evaluation for ADHD, and it turns out I’m Hypomanic. I still feel deep kinship with this community, and truly felt that I related to the kinds of symptoms people describe here. I believe that knowing yourself is extremely important, and just because I am labeled as something separate than what I thought I had does not mean that I relate differently to my problems. Subscribing to this subreddit still allows me to see common threads in my own behavioral patterns. I also want to talk to those who might think they have ADHD but are undiagnosed. You might be like me, and have another weird brain symptom aside from ADHD! You might want to take a page out of my book, go get tested and find out for yourself. Saying you have undiagnosed ADHD is unfair to those who went through the process. You might relate as deeply as I did to those who actually have this problem, and actually not have it at all. I have seen people say they have undiagnosed ADHD on here, but try to be fair to them by not self-diagnosing. I am thankful to have had the benefit of seeing all of your wonderful posts, and keep being weird.

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