I feel extremely self-conscious about my hyperfixations : ADHD


I ALWAYS have something I’m hyperfixated on. Whether it be a fictional character, a tv show, a video game, or all of the above at the same time. The thing is, through my younger years of life, I was very open with whatever I was obsessed with. I’d blabber on and on about it to anyone who would suffer through listening.

But over the years, I’ve realized how much it annoys people to listen to the same thing every day. So unless I’m talking to someone else who’s just as obsessed as I am, I almost NEVER talk about hyperfixations to anyone else. I think I’ve suppressed myself to the point where I’m literally ashamed of myself for being so obsessed with things. I just cringe so hard at myself all the time. Every time someone in my family wants to be nice to me and mentions the character or what have you to start a conversation, I’m almost immediately embarrassed and change the subject.

I can still enjoy those things, but really only in private and with other enthusiasts. It just sucks that I’ve convinced myself that I’m a looser for being a little too obsessed with a few things.

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