I feel frustrated when my neurotypical friends don’t understand me but also feel really annoyed when they try to relate? It makes me feel really confused and makes me question if my feelings are justified. : ADHD


I recently had a pretty long and personal conversation with somebody about my experience with ADHD, how it’s linked with my anxieties, the affect it has on my self esteem, depression, and all this and that. And the conversation felt pretty fulfilling and it felt really nice to get that out to somebody I care about. But shortly after they tried to level and comfort me by talking about how they sometimes forget what they went to a room for and how they change topics mid story multiple times. They made it a point that they totally understood what I was going through and that I wasn’t alone. At that point I kind of hit a wall when I heard it and it kind of made me regret unpacking all of that with them. Which sucked. This is a long time friend and I really wanted them to understand but after hearing what they said I felt really annoyed for some reason. I realized a little bit after that they were only trying to relate to me and comfort me and all, which is a nice sentiment that I appreciate but their gross misunderstanding/underestimation of ADHD just really annoyed me.

I kept tossing this around in my head and ended up getting really confused between whether or not I was on good grounds to be upset, or am I just being unappreciative? At the end of the day they are my friend and want the best of me; but jeez what they said annoyed me.

Just curious if you guys ever felt this or had something similar happen to you before. I’m just not sure if I’m crazy or not haha

TL;DR: I had a conversation about how ADHD has crippled many aspects of my life and my friend replies with how they often get distracted when they see a dog while driving and saying that they totally understand.

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