I feel guilty and anxious when having a day off from studying. : ADHD


Does anyone else feel like they can’t enjoy a day off from study (or work)?

Lately i have been studying for 12 hours+ everyday without break days and last night i went to bed pretty late, so today I decided to treat myself to a day off. I don’t usually take days off because my ADHD means I have to study three times as long as my peers to understand or learn something and I’m a perfectionist.

But all day I have not enjoyed it and felt an overwhelming sense of anxiety. I worry that if I don’t study I won’t finish my assignments on time and I’ll fail the whole semester. I can’t afford to fail and I just feel so anxious all the time, I even dream about missing my deadlines.

How do you deal with this? I know this amount of study is not healthy, at one point I even had the tremors because of a lack of sleep due to my study habits. I failed miserably in high school and I don’t want to do the same in Uni.

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