I feel like I’m drowning : ADHD


I’m 19 years old I just graduated high school last year and have no idea at all what to do in life. I have a factory job I hate because I have to do the same shit every single day and I dont feel stimulated at all I build hot tubs that a child could put together it seems like. I’m not rich so college is gonna kill me and I wont ever make what I’m supposed to. At the same time I wanna further my education despite the debt, so I’m at a crossroads. My whole family is looking to me to be this successful once in a generation human because none of my family ever went to college or did shit in life . I dont want to go die for oil, nor do I want to fold under the expectations of my family. Its bearing a year anniversary since I graduated and I’m just shook cause like what am I supposed to do for the next 4 working decades. I dont wanna live just some normal boring life with some average home and car but idk how to not . Only thing I know is I like computers but im not even educated on them so I’d have to go to school . I’m just lost .pls help dont toast me pls

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