I feel like the H in my ADHD was not diagnosed because it can be repressed : ADHD


This could come off as wildly inconsiderate, there’s a good chance it’ll even seem inappropriate for me to even be here.

Please know I don’t mean to offend, I’m just really really confused.

I’m only really diagnosed with ADD, but anytime I’m alone I feel as if I must have hyperactive tendencies. Wringing my arms and hands, rubbing my face, dancing alone, pacing while imagining things and acting them out, even talking to myself sometimes as if I was telling someone how I used to talk to myself.

There’s a sense of self-awareness to these that absolutely makes it a less serious than those truly diagnosed with ADHD, but I’m wondering what that means for me, and if anyone else has similar experiences? Am I under-diagnosed? Or just crazy?

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