I finally reached out to my doctor : ADHD


I’ve been pretty sure for a few years that I have inattentive adhd. Long story short- I easily check off symptoms, relate to stuff here, and have talked to friends and family who say they wouldn’t be surprised at all if I was.

I’ve had a pretty bad stigma of meds and being afraid of asking for them. I didn’t want to ask especially because I thought I would be labeled as another college student looking to abuse them. I’m also occasionally terrified that I’m not or that I’m making it up and just exaggerating somehow.

But I graduated and I basically came to accept how hard college was for me and how much harder it is going to be to have a real job (where I already struggle with minimum wage jobs).

Yesterday I had the courage to email my doctor!! It’s not much and I’m still nervous but I’m happy I at least got this far haha

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