I find it difficult to express myself honestly without seeming like a narcissist : ADHD


I don’t know if other ppl feel this way but trying to describe my problems or how I function always feels like I’m coming across as humble-bragging. Like trying to explain that my brain goes fast or I have a lot of thoughts sounds like I’m bragging about how smart I am but I just have a lot of racing thoughts and always crave stimulation bc of my adhd. I also find I kind of subconsciously dumb myself down when I talk because my natural inclination is to be really descriptive and in-depth with whatever I’m saying bc 1. I’m talkative and 2. I’m used to people not really understanding what I’m trying to say bc I’m not great at communicating, but talking like that tends to come across as condescending and as if I’m trying to seem smart even though that’s not my intent. Anyone else feel this way?

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