I finished a book!!! + Any ADHD self improvement reading recs? : ADHD


Ever since I was little I’ve always had a really hard time reading. Whenever I read something I realize I’m not absorbing any information, then I go back to read an excerpt again as concentrated as possible, then forget said excerpt immediately after since I’m concentrating too hard on a further part, then the cycle repeats over and over. My reading speed was astonishingly slow and it was frustrating.

I turned to audiobooks as a pretty helpful solution but at some point it became inconvenient to try to find/buy audiobooks. I tried to read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson and completed it with a lot of work and without an audiobook!

So I was wondering if there’s any other books of the like that might give some general advice that can be helpful to someone with ADHD? (bonus points if it’s as entertaining of a read as the subtle art of not giving a fuck)

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