I got prescribed long lasting concerta a while back. I hadn’t taken it for weeks and I just took it today.. : ADHD


I originally got the 3-4 hour one but i didn’t see much affect, and was working on homework for much longer than 3 hours. So I got the long lasting 10-12 hour medication and took it for maybe two or three days, weeks ago, and then for a long time I either forgot to take it, didn’t want to take it because it hurt my stomach, or didn’t wake up early enough to take it. But I woke up at 7 today and took it, and i can so tell the difference. I was on my laptop for awhile, working on my own thing (a movie list document for fun) and then I realized I needed to do homework, so I just- stopped. I stopped working on that and started working on homework. And then I was sitting down watching videos on my phone, and then thought “my hair is greasy, I should really take a shower,” so I GOT UP and t o o k a s h o w e r. People who don’t have executive dysfunction won’t understand why this is so amazing and exciting to me, but I was so surprised, like when I got in the shower I realized that I didn’t continue sitting there for hours doing nothing, I immediately did what I thought about doing, and I just stood there in shock and happiness for a moment. My stomach is a little upset and my hands are a little shakier than usual, but besides that I’m great, and I’m excited and happy that it’s working well and I’m getting things done 🙂

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