I hate it so much when people say “oh, I can’t focus either. I must have ADHD” : ADHD


Today I was telling my parents that I was having a particularly bad ADHD day. I took my medication in the morning but still couldn’t focus all day. Even when actively trying to pay attention in meetings, I would zone out and miss 5 minutes of the conversation. I kept having those thought streams where you tell yourself to pay attention and get distracted by those thoughts, until you realize you were never paying attention in the first place.

As I was saying this, my father cut me off and said “that’s not ADHD, I zone out in meetings too. I think I have ADHD too then.” Cue me getting pissed off and saying “okay, thanks. That is definitely not how you talk to someone who is talking to you about a mental illness.” And then getting yelled at for preaching.

It just really gets under my skin when I talk about my ADHD symptoms and then all of a sudden people try to self diagnose themselves.

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