I hate my brain sometimes.


So I’m in my first serious relationship, I (25M) and my girlfriend (30F). I’d like to start by saying that I really love this girl, I’ve never actively looked for a relationship so this one just happened quite naturally. We’ve been together around 9 months, we live together. We rarely fight, even when we do it’s minor and we can work it out quickly and easily. Today, I brought up something that made me feel bad. I told her that I find it difficult to have to ask for info whenever she is out and about (nothing intrusive I’d say, just who’s and wheres). I don’t insist on being with her all of the time, I value that she has her own life and friends, but especially in the current circumstances I like to know where she is for my own piece of mind. I tend to overthink everything (as we all do). Well, I said everything in a calm and collected way, deciding that talking about it must be the best course of action. After this, she got a little annoyed and contested. I insisted I wasn’t trying to complain or start an argument, I just wanted to explain my feelings on the situation. After this she decides it’s time to tell me that she feels she can’t talk to me sometimes for various reasons, and she even said that occasionally she has a feeling of “hopelessness” in our future. This really hurt. We’re usually so good and so close. I’ve changed so much to be as good as I can for her but of course that takes time. She told me a few things about my reactions to certain topics (particularly business and money making) and how this makes her feel. I can’t tell you how awful I feel. I listened to her for maybe 20/30 minutes and decided I can’t even reply. My mind is spinning and I can’t think of the words to say.

I chose Q/A/S flair on the off chance that someone may have some from experience, but I think this would also class as a bit of a rant/vent.

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