I hate squirrel jokes : ADHD


I really hate how, even in our communities, people make the “and then I was doing this and this and OMG SQUIRREL XD HAHH” like????? I’ve literally never had someone use that joke on me unless they were being rude to me or trying to undermine me. It’s such a surface level “ADHD is only jittery legs and hyper ness right?” Approach to it and it’s so infuriating. The REAL reason I’m all over the place is because my brain is structured with filters and I can’t stop myself from thinking about ten thousand things at once (thanks for adding to this anxiety). So yeah, I am a little scattered but your squirrel jokes still suck. I’m not a fucking dog.

Btw, I’m all about ADHD jokes in general. I’m very much “laugh through the pain and hard times” kinda gal, but squirrel jokes never fail to make me feel compared to a dog lol

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