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I have been telling myself to write this post all week and here I am at 11 at night with my medication wearing off and nothing written. So fuck it. I don’t need to be perfect and neither do you. I have been diagnosed for over a year but didn’t look into understanding ADHD until this past week. Everything now fits into place and I’m excited to make friends who understand me. On Sunday I didn’t have the words to explain what I was going through but then I found this subreddit and suddenly all the things I was struggling with didn’t mean I was some loser who couldn’t keep up but one of Millions living in a world simply not tailored to my type of brain. I have been a fish comparing my ability to climb a tree to all the monkeys around me when I can swim and go places that most people have yet to explore. I definitely have the need to rant and vent from time to time but there is so much negativity in the world already, I want to make a thread about what we are passionate about. What our natural creativity has brought us to experience. Let us talk about what we bring to the world, what inspires us, and let’s keep each other accountable for all the projects we want to do but struggle to work on on our own.

For me personally, I have been really interested into filmmaking and film noir from the 40s and 50s. It is that Fringe novelty that lies between pop culture and obscurity that everyone recognizes but not enough people dive deep into these days. I have also always been into tabletop RPGs and social creativity. Every once in awhile there is a posting on various subreddits about different types of genres of the cyberpunk variety but altered for different time periods. enter my discovery of dieselpunk. A sci-fi fantasy genre set in the 30 through 50s filled with all sorts of style, gray morals, and political intrigue. It is everything I’m into and more. Following that I realized, I wanted to Explorer all the stuff about it that intrigued me and see if I could give it some personal twist. I am challenging myself to build an entire world around the themes and genres that fill my imagination and make it unique but familiar at the same time. that is a huge task for someone with ADHD and furthermore, I’m considering if I should design an RPG system to create my own game in the setting. There are people who have dedicated their whole lives to such an endeavor and I find that fascinating. But right now, it is such a massively big task that has no consequences or deadlines or even anybody elf besides myself who knows about it. That is a recipe for an ADHD person to procrastinate on.

So tell me, what are you trying to create? I will hold you accountable if you hold me accountable!

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