I have never related so hard to a mouse in my life : ADHD


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This video is from a gene study performed on mice where a specific gene change relating to DAT transporters was observed in mice. The results were that the mouse with the controlled gene exhibited hyperactive behavior. You don’t need to be told which mouse was the control as it is readily apparent in the video and I found it absolutely adorable. The reason why this relates to ADHD is because a loss of DAT transporters is ONE of the MANY genetic combinations that can lead to ADHD. DAT is what handles that emission of dopamine out of a neuron after said neuron produces the dopamine. It also handles the sucking back in of dopamine after it reacts to the receptor. One of the various causes that can lead to ADHD is that too little DAT can lead to premature sucking of dopamine before a lot of it can properly bind with the receptor. I just wanted to show this to everyone because I thought it was precious and I wanted to show some validation of concrete genetic evidence for all the people out there who still wonder if their ADHD could actually be real.

Tl;DR: Genes can cause your neurons to suck too early after it spits out(Dopamine). One of the mouse has that sort of gene combination so this mouse basically has ADHD. This is ONE of the many potential causes of ADHD as there are many genes that deal with dopamine. Also, I found this mouse is adorable.

Original video where I got the footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS8BcICSTGY

Study associated to video: https://www.academia.edu/6165083/Hyperlocomotion_and_indifference_to_cocaine_and_amphetamine_in_mice_lacking_the_dopamine_transporter

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