I have the opposite problem; I usually have a hard time *not* working, and shutting off the brain so I can chill out : ADHD


I’m in a professional school programs that requires alot of study and practice time. I feel very motivated to do well in my classes – and the amount of time I spend studying reflects that. However, I have a difficult time not thinking about school – my naturally obsessive tendencies often prevent my thought processes from ruminating over a “particular thing.” It seems like my hyperfocus is mostly an advantage in this case.

I’m still easily distracted. I’ve learned that I’m capable of staying on-task if I’m in a coffee shop. I’m pressured to get thing done if I’m pressured to “not look lazy.” As well, I find I’m less likely to zone out for extended periods of time if my environment is constantly changing.

I should note that I haven’t received an official ADHD diagnosis. Several past coworkers who are ADHD themselves have bought up my behaviour as mirroring their negative tendencies. ADHD seems explains alot of my odd quirks.

Does anyone else hyperfocus tendencies? Can you only get tasks done under very specific conditions/locations?

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