I let my adhd get the better of me and fucked upa group project, letting people down : ADHD


I wrote down the wrong due date for a group assignment on which I took point and we ended up missing the submission date for half of the project. A small, tiny mistake that had big consequences for myself and two others. There’s nothing I can do to make it up to them and I’ve subsequently lost two friends because of my shitty organisation skills.

I tried with this one, I carefully wrote it down in several places and had alarms on my phone. But because they were all based on that first note they were all a day late. That due date was already an extended date which can’t be extended further.

I’ve sent an email to my group member explaining that I made a mistake and that I’m very sorry and if there’s anything I can do to make it up to them they should tell me. I also said that I would tell the lecturer that it was my fault that nothing was submitted.

I just hate that it feels like I try and try and try and still fail. No matter how good I get at managing this condition there’s always a chance that I’ll fail in a way that other people simply won’t understand. It makes me wonder if I can ever trust myself to take on projects or be a leader. I don’t want to be a mother partly because I know I’d struggle, I’ve turned down supervisory roles at previous workplaces because I felt I wasn’t capable. And I hate that about myself.

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