I seem to not just procrastinate school work, but also things I need to do on a daily basis : ADHD


TW: mentions of eating / not eating

I am a college student and doing school work at home has been challenging. I have support from my school and I’ve been hitting up the Office of Disability Services quite a bit because I’m taking summer classes so I feel a bit more secure with school assignments. But something I’ve noticed is that I seem to procrastinate really important stuff that I should be doing everyday. I wasn’t having this problem until I got sent from school due to covid I’m pretty sure.

For example, I’ve found that I procrastinate eating meals. Sometimes it’s because I’m working on an assignment for school and I get so wrapped up in it I don’t eat for a long time, sometimes it’s because I don’t feel like cooking, but most times it’s because I can’t decide what to eat. Things have been a bit better recently, but a few weeks ago I would sometimes not eat until way past regular dinner time, like around 9:30 at night.

Another thing I noticed that I do is that I procrastinate basic hygiene stuff like waking up at a normal time, showering, even doing smaller stuff like shaving or cutting my nails. The thing that made me post this today was that I was going to cut my nails today and I just didn’t. I procrastinated doing that and I still am. It made me realize how often I’ve been doing that with other stuff like eating, etc.

My question is, how do I not procrastinate these types of things? Is this related to having ADD? How do I stop procrastinating, especially in regard to eating meals?

TLDR: I have a hard time with procrastinating important things like eating, showering, and other stuff relating to basic hygiene.

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