I showed my 65 year old mom some ADHD memes and she’s pretty sure she’s had it her whole life and never realized it. : ADHD


I was diagnosed when I was 10 and put on strattera, but I hated the idea of being on medication and stopped pretty soon after and have just been free balling it ever since. I never noticed that things I thought were normal were actually symptoms until I saw a bunch of ADHD memes a few months ago. I also noticed that a LOT of what I was seeing described my mom perfectly. I’m quarantining with her for the moment and showed her some memes, and she’s now reconsidering so many aspects of her life. Things like depression, disorganization, starting many new projects, how fidgety she was when she was younger, how she leaves tons of sticky notes everywhere but still can’t remember to check them, they all sort of clicked. I’ve encouraged her to talk to a psychiatrist and I hope she does because I think addressing this would really benefit her life. Anyway, just wanted to share! There are a lot of things that make sense to me now about the way I grew up once I frame it as two untreated people living in a house together.

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