I want to study, I know I need to study but I cannot bring myself to do it. I sit at the table, read a few lines and start looking at the phone again. Please help. : ADHD


I am 23 years old and I am on the spectrum combined with ADD.

I have overcome all other problems that I had but this is the one that seems to be my Achilles heel. I have improved my social skills to the point that I can converse normally with people, eye contact feels uncomfortable but people haven’t noticed any difference, I lost weight and cultivated a “style”, gained self-esteem, but this is one area of my life that I have tried again and again but I have failed.

I have managed till now by reading just the day before the test and passing. But I am in college now and I want to do better. I know I am smart enough to get good grades but I just cannot seem to do it.

I have tried to study from day 1 but the steam runs out around day 10. I have tried the pomodoro method but it just doesnot work for me. I tried cutting everything out.. tried to deleted youtube reddit.. I am just so lost right now.

It is difficult to not feel like a failure but sometimes, when I am weak(like today) I find myself questioning if it is true.

Anyone who has gone through this, Please give me some advice.. Please

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