I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and I am still int he process of getting used to it and I have some questions for you all (in the description in bold) : ADHD


I was Dx in April of this year. I was quickly moved to IR adderall from ER as I did not like the ER effects. I am on 10mg IR adder all and I take it in the morning and again around 1200/1300. I notice that I have to use the restroom about the time it kicks in every morning, does anyone else notice that their medication causes bowel movements too, is it normal? It is only worrisome as I need to figure out how to get around this/time my dosage because I have a very big graduate school exam coming up in about 4 weeks.

Additionally, I was reading through and seeing what people were suppose to feel like when the medicine works. After its initial activation, I feel super focused but then I am unable to distinguish when it begins to wear off/ does not have any effect. Could someone describe to me what it is I am suppose to notice when the drug is no longer working? (I will be asking my Dr. this at my next appt. in a few weeks)

Finally,I know that with other ‘drugs’ people build tolerances to them and continually require higher dosages for the same effect. Does IR adderall work in the same vein?

Thank you to whomever is able to answer any of these questions.

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