“If 50mg doesn’t have any effect nor will 60mg”


I’ve been titrating on Vyvanse for nearly 2 months. I’ve only gotten from 20mg to 40mg and now my psychiatrist has finally agreed to one more month on 50mg. I asked if I could try 2 weeks at 50mg and 2 weeks at 60mg. But he sent this:

It is for another 30 days of 50mg; there’s no need to increase to 60mg – if 50 doesn’t have any effect nor will 60 so if that’s the case we will have to meet for a review and discuss change of medication.

Has anyone has any experience that backs this up? Or that contradicts it? I feel like it’s worth, at least, trying the maximum dose. But maybe he’s right, if I’m feeling nothing on the vyvanse at all, maybe it’s not worth going up to the maximum dose.

Background: 26 y/o woman, diagnosed this year. History of clinical depression. Taking Sertraline 100mg for 2 years. Vyvanse has been the first ADHD medication I’ve ever taken.

Please share your experiences! Especially if Lisdexamphetamines didn’t work for you.

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