If you abuse stimulants and you’re reading this, you are a horrible person.


I dealt with some MAJOR trauma this week, and because of it I forgot to fill my medication. It’s insane because I get CRAZY anxiety if my medications are screwed up in any way. I’m generally a machine when it comes to refilling, and I haven’t missed a dose in years.

I called my doc’s on call number, and the on call doctor happens to have a policy regarding controlled substances. Yes, it’s my fault I’m in this position, BUT IT’S YOUR FAULT THEY WILL NOT FILL IT!

You fuckers abusing this shit has made it so I’m now without my meds until Monday afternoon. It’s fucking insane. I’m scared and I don’t know what will happen and how I’ll feel. If anyone has some words of wisdom please help me. I’m shaking and crying and PISSED OFF at addicts and druggies. I NEED THIS MEDICATION TO FUNCTION PROPERLY.

IM SO PISSED AT MYSELF. How could I do this? It’s as simple as an email to refill. I’m ashamed of myself, AND YOU FUCKING ADDICTS have made it worse. FUCK YOU, and FUCK ME.

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