If you got mostly bad grades in high school because of ADHD, how has this impacted you searching for a higher education or job/career? : ADHD


Just for context, I’m concerned that I may have ADD or ADHD. I have a suspiciously large amount of symptoms. My constant forgetfulness of items and tasks, fidgeting, losing focus, getting easily distracted, procrastination and possible executive dysfunction among other things has given me a VERY difficult time during my new school and other activities for as long as I can remember. This, of course, has ruined and is ruining my grades, and online studying obviously isn’t helping. We only have one week of school left and I have so many missed assignment and I know fully well I need to finish but just CAN’T for some reason. I can’t get diagnosed at the moment because my parents aren’t taking this seriously, and I just don’t trust any of the psychiatrists or mental health care professionals where I live.

I want to move to Berlin soon, but I’m worried about whether or not any university will accept me. My lifelong passion has always been and always will be drawing, so I mainly want to study illustration, perhaps character design or story board revisioning. But I’m worried that my final grades and future exam results will lower my chances of getting accepted to any art university or studio. Like “your portfolio has definitely caught our interest, but we’re concerned about your lack of knowledge in literature and chemistry” 🥴

I’m curious as to how you have dealt with getting into college/university or finding a job/career centered around your lifelong interest despite have much lower than average grades. I want to stay hopeful that I’ll find my place and get a job I’ll genuinely enjoy, but at this point I’m distressed. I don’t want to be a depressed family basement dweller for the rest of my life because some insignificant invisible wall is blocking me from working as hard as all of my other classmates.

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