I’m almost done paying off my debt, and I no longer have a negative net worth! : ADHD


I just wanted to share this victory with fellow people with ADHD. <3 It took a very long time for me to get here, but I persevered, and I finally did.

Honestly, it feels strange that it happened in the middle of a global crisis. But working from home, spending only on groceries and utilities, and eating home-cooked food has allowed me to save more money.

See, two years after I started working, I got a credit card. After that, I started my descent into debt. I never even had to pay for college; I was just really careless with money. I spent a lot of it on traveling, impulse buying, and Uber rides. I don’t completely regret it. All those trips and night outs were pretty fun. But I’m in my thirties now and I know I should start taking things more seriously.

The company I’m working for really took a hit because of the pandemic, and our monthly salaries were reduced by 25%. I decided I had to look for more sources of income, so I took a freelance writing gig that made up for that gap. Every weekday I would work for nearly 12 hours, trying to balance my responsibilities in both jobs.

I’ve been doing pretty well managing my schedule, so far. And I finally have emergency savings!! The amount I have in my bank account is around how much a minimum wage worker in my country would be earning in a month. It’s quite tiny, but seeing those numbers in my bank balance makes me so proud. I’m expecting to be able to save more this year, now that I’m almost debt-free.

Maybe it also helps that leisure travel is gonna be a no-no for the next 1-2 years. No more impulse booking!

I hope that I get to keep this up. Well, there’s no saying what could happen because we’re in the middle of a pandemic, and every good thing feels so fragile right now. But, still, yay!

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