i’m failing all of my classes thanks to this recent online school and i don’t know what to do : ADHD


i dont expect anyone to read this, i just want to get this off my chest while my therapist is off for the week.

for at least four weeks i’ve been just… physically unable to do any schoolwork. i know it’s executive dysfunction but i still have no idea how to explain that to my teachers, if it would even do anything. my highest grade is below 60%, and i won’t even surpass the simplified fail/pass system in place for this last quarter of the school year. in the grand scheme of things i’m not terrified of failing classes during one term, especially since it makes sense on paper to possible future employers/colleges because of the timing, but i know it’ll make my summer hell with the combo of online remedial classes (that i will at the very least struggle immensely with) and my parents’ punishment.

i think the worst part is now i’m starting to get concerned messages from my teachers, but i can’t bring myself to respond. it’s like i’m paralyzed. even if i knew how to ask them for help, there’s really not much they could do to make me suddenly able to do work. almost all of my classes are between 20% and 40%, so even somehow forcing myself to do a few assignments couldn’t save me at this point. i’ve run out of time and i don’t know what to do

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