I’m only productive now cos of COVID19 : ADHD


A few weeks ago I was happy that being in a lockdown means I get to explore my own timezone to get things done. There was zero travelling and punctuality pressure (except for video conference calls). Happy to wake up, work out and do work all in my own time. Woke up at 11am today? No problem, it’ll all follow through.

I even lost a couple of pounds because I could eat mindfully instead of buying snacks impulsively and eat them all in a day compulsively. It was an underlying problem I have when I get stressed or just too paralysed by the barrage of decisions I have to make in a day I’d just “fuck it, buy everything now, and stuff my face”.

Right now I’m still procrastinating on ironing clothes and a handful of other tasks. They are important, but I’m in no hurry to finish it since I have more time now.

It just dawned upon me that when everything goes back to normal, my structure is going to fall apart! Keeping a regular to-do list is still doable, it’s keeping time that’s hard! How can I wake at 6am everyday to work out, make breakfast, shower (let’s not even get there), get out of my house on time to my job, and remember to drink 2 litres of water everyday instead of bingeing?!

Right now staying at home made me realised how great it is to have a structure and sticking to it, but knowing I have to change up my coping strategies again just makes me worried.

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