I’m tired of being like this… : ADHD


I’m 20 years old and idk its just one of those nights. I have a research paper due tomorrow that i barely started on today and i was actually feeling like i could do it and i know i probably can but i just feel like an idiot. Like why can’t i just start something earlier? I always wait til the last minute. always. and i know a lot of college students do but im not like other college students. Not as smart or organized.

I haven’t even been diagnosed with ADHD yet because of the circumstances and me not realizing what it even really was until recently but I think it’s obvious that I do just based on my history. Either way im trying to get evaluated as soon as possible so i can get help and do well but idk it just doesn’t feel good. I feel like i should have learned my lesson by now and i feel like an idiot for doing these things to myself. today was just a hard day in general and it had a lot to do with these symptoms i associate with ADHD so i’m just feeling bad about myself today i guess.

dunno if anyone else ever experienced anything like this but if you have does it get better?

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