In Spain, doctors don’t usually prescribe Adderall : ADHD


Hi, I just wanted to share this info with you since it’s quite interesting and I don’t really know the reason.

I’m from Spain and I suffer from ADHD. I’ve seen a lot of doctors regarding my ADHD and no one considered Adderall as a treatment for me.

They have always prescribed Ritalin (or extended releases versions like Concerta). I once asked if it was worth it to try Adderall and my Doctor said :

“We don’t usually use this medication since it has much more dangerous side effects than methylphenidate and in order to prescribe it, you need to take some heart tests in the hospital”

I often see here north American people talking about how their first ADHD prescription is Adderall and it is given to them without any kind of cardiac test.

Why such differences between Europe and America?

Thank you so much

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