Is having ADHD like pressing life’s RESET button everyday? : ADHD


I have been wanting to post in this sub all week. I keep forgetting, getting distracted with other things, and change the subject of what I’m trying to write about. If this isn’t ADHD at its core, I don’t know what is.

I wanted to ask a question: have you noticed that having ADHD is like pressing the reset button on life everyday?

If any of you owned a classic Nintendo (NES), you might remember it had a reset button that when pressed would put you back at the title screen, losing all the progress in your current game.

When I focus on something, it becomes the number one thing that has my attention above all else. I hyper focus and dive deep into something trying to learn all I can about it, as if compelled to do so. At the same time, it’s possible I’m completely ignoring, more important matters. But that focus usually fades quickly and rarely goes beyond the current day. It’s as if sleeping wipes my mind and I wake with a new set of goals and interests to focus on.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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