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I have a lot of trouble keeping my space clean because I hoard a bunch of unneeded stuff. Not like what you see on TV by any means, but there are things that I definitely could get rid of but don’t. For example, I have clothes in my dresser that I haven’t worn in literal years. But I hold onto them “for workout clothes” or “in case I need some old clothes to paint in”, even though I have never painted in my life not do I have plans to.

My overstuffed drawers cause them to not shut all the way, making my room appear messy. Also, because there’s no room in my drawers, I have piles of (folded) clean clothes on the floor. My desk is cluttered with little trinkets and knickknacks that really have no business being there, but I’ve had them for so long that I’ve grown attached to them making it hard to throw them out.

These are just a few examples, but my mild hoarding is a part of my every day life. When I was in college I held on to every paper I got “in case I needed to refer to it at some point”, making my binders and notebooks cluttered. My computer is completely full of useless files and documents, many of them from school that I don’t want to get rid of for sentimental reasons (I think it’s neat to go back and read old papers I’ve written and stuff) and I have had less than 5gigs on it since I can remember, only deleting things when I absolutely need to. I really think it is one of my root issues when it comes to my ADD. Anyone else have this problem?

Edit: I should point out that even though everything appears messy, I always know where things are. Most everything has a “home” in my room, even if it’s home is the floor next to my bed.

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