Is it even worth apologizing when you have and will continue to make the same mistake? : ADHD


I work as a nanny for some really amazing people. They’re like my family and have done so much to help me. I totaled my car 6 months ago and they have been nice enough to let me share a car with one of them.

I have always struggled with being on time. It’s gotten better. But the ones I can’t help are when I sleep through 15 alarms, daylight, etc. It happens every couple months and likely is caused by my anxiety medication which I only take maybe once a month max when I really need it.

Last Friday my boss took the car out of town so I got a ride home and she was supposed to pick me up Monday. Unfortunately I slept past my alarms yet again and woke up a few minutes too late after she has already driven here and left. She is extremely upset with me rightfully so and told me to take the week off.

I haven’t said anything bc my entire life I’ve been taught that you don’t apologize for things you do multiple times bc it doesn’t mean anything. Nobody wants to listen to you anymore bc if you keep doing it you clearly don’t feel bad. It just comes off as lying and making up excuses. It seems so dishonest and useless to apologize for something I know will happen again. I don’t know what to say or do anymore I just feel like a failure and I want to apologize but I’m afraid they’ll think oh we’ve heard this before.

TL;DR Continue to not wake up for work every couple months putting job as stake. Don’t know how to apologize anymore bc I can’t help it and can’t promise it won’t happen again.

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