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is it possible to talk to my therapist about ADD?

let me clarify before i even begin, i am not trying to self diagnose myself right now. i am not diagnosed with add, i am simply just thinking that it could be a possibility that i have it.

so recently, i’ve been doing some research on add. i dont really remember how it started, but i think i saw a post about add on some social media website about it and my first thought was “thats not what its like for everyone?”. i started doing research and i suddenly realized oh wow… this hits a bit too close to home. im sure a lot of people in this forum know and understand that kind of story.

long story short, i know the advice everyone gives out is to talk to your regular doctor about it. however, with everything going on in the world right now, i dont know when i’m going to have an appointment with that doctor. however, i’ve been going to a therapist for some time now for depression/anxiety, and we’ve moved to online meetings. do you think its possible to bring it up with her and see possibly what she thinks some good steps would be?

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