It took 20 years of school, but I got my first A in a math class! : ADHD


Math has always been my biggest struggle in school and the cause of many meltdowns throughout the years. I worked my butt off but never got grades that matched my effort, so I convinced myself I was dumb and terrible at math and could never understand it.

I’m finishing up the 1st year of my PhD program (it’s my 7th year of college/grad school after high school) and I got an A in a PhD level statistics course this semester (and I actually understood some of it)! called my parents crying when I saw my grade because for so long I convinced myself I’d never be able to accomplish this.

ADHD can convince you that you aren’t good enough or smart enough to accomplish goals, but you are. It might take longer and might be more work for you than for others, but it is possible. Just wanted to share and remind everyone that you are enough and your struggles with ADHD don’t define you. Keep working towards your goals and accomplishing amazing things!

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