I’ve always struggled with exercise and believe it was because I’m lazy : ADHD


This is something I have always struggled with. A few times in my adult life I’ve been able to get serious and make it apart of my daily life. One of those times was of course right before the shut down. I found a gym in Jan., waited until the next on-ramp class started March 1 and went 2 weeks before it was put on pause. I do plan on continuing when things re-open but I worry about my commitment. I have not been able to get myself to do any at home workouts. Not even mobility routines. This is true even when life is more normal as well. I only hate running, but enjoy physical activity. I feel amazing when I work out. Both physically and mentally. I am starting to think this is more of an ADHD thing than just being lazy.

TLDR; I enjoy the mental and physical benefits from exercise, but I struggle to make it happen.

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