I’ve started printing out helpful advice I find here. : ADHD


I haven’t been diagnosed, but I can relate to a lot of the things mentioned here. I loss stuff as soon as I put it down. I struggled to advance in school, and later in the work force, because I can’t retain most of the things that people say to me. I might grab the first few things you say, but by the 3 minute mark the words your sayinMy grandmother used to tell me about her father. He was a scientist in the 1910’s that every morning would ride his bike to work, and walk back home for supper. She said I reminded her of him. Here I am at 30, coming to the realization that I might have ADHD, and I find myself relying so much on the advice here. I’d like to offer my own piece of advice for anyone who needs it. When you find something helpful on here, print it out. If you save in on your phone, you’ll lose it in the hundreds of other things you saved and forgot about. If you print it and stick it on your refrigerator or in a binder on your desk, you’ll see it. Hope this helps someone else, if anyone reading this has any other helpful tricks, I’m all ears.

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