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Are you having trouble with your job search?

For the first-time ADDA is hosting an ADHD job seeker’s group, and we’re seeking eight volunteers who will search for work and learn tips for seeking work through the club.

To help establish structure and accountability (all things that help adults with ADHD), the volunteers will record how many contacts they make each week, how many interviews they go on, what they learned from their contacts and details when and if they are offered employment.

The club’s leader, Frank Potter, will discuss how to deal with questions that arise during interviews. The club is willing to accept more than eight volunteers for the club, but only the first eight applicants will track their results – additional members will not communicate their job search efforts with the club, they will be observing members who can learn from the eight volunteers. All members of the job search club will be able to email Frank with questions or to share their progress.

Potter is an adult with ADHD himself, and he has many years of experience working as a state vocational rehabilitation counselor assisting people with disabilities. He has helped ADHD people plan for careers and obtain jobs. The group begins its six virtual sessions March 9. The first three sessions will cover the essentials for the job search, job readiness, applications, resumes and interviewing.

“As one might anticipate with a leader with ADHD, leading a group of people with ADHD, this should be an unconventional program, but one that is informative, lively, effective and with some fun,” said Potter, the group’s leader.

Potter will implement some of the late Dr. Nathan Azrin’s behavior modification techniques developed based on the belief that any behavior could be modified once it was understood as a chain of component parts. Dr. Azrin and his colleague developed a “token economy” to persuade people with various disorders to change their behavior to achieve goals. Potter will use some of Azrin’s techniques he first used successfully in his first job club program in North America. Potter was the first person outside of Dr. Azrin’s research staff to use his program and found it to be among one of the most successful approaches he experienced in his career.

For more information about the club, we invite you to visit our Job Seekers’ Club page. It’s free for ADDA members.

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