Just because ADHD Is invisible doesn’t mean it’s not real 😡 : ADHD


I hate that people look at us and are told well he has ADHD so that’s why we give him X accommodation. Because there isn’t any outward sign of it, people think..he’s faking it he’s just lazy. If I had a broken leg, people wouldnt question it..ok that’s why he can sit down while I am required to stand up. Even in family members who know we have been diagnosed they down play the significance of it saying if you would just work harder or look at Bob or Betty over there they have real problems 😡. And yes there are people who have worse problems but that doesn’t mean mine aren’t real or are somehow fixable with just some elbow grease. But it doesn’t make my issues any less real. It doesn’t stop me from not being able to hold a career job for more than a couple of years or stop me from fearing trying for the 100th time. It certainly doesn’t mean you can discount my issues and just say “suck it up”

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