Just got a grade on my bachelor thesis : ADHD


After four years of doing my bachelor grade in IT Ops and InfoSec (normal run is three years, needed a do-over on year 2), I have finally both delivered, presented and gotten a grade on my bachelor thesis. I got a C!

I dropped out of high school at 18 years old, got a diagnosis of ADD at 24, started high school again at 24, graduated at 26, started university at 26, and have now actually finished it at 30.

I have 190 credits out of the required 180, and have an average right below C (2.89, where 5.00 is A).

I’m not quite sure how I feel. I feel relieved, for sure, even happy. But also sad (it’s been a good time) and a bit dumbfounded. I can’t believe I would get this far.

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