Learning to appreciate the small victories instead of beating myself up over perceived failures. : ADHD


Sunday I was diagnosed with severe ADHD as a 26F. I won’t go into my life story because well, we all have lived it. I’ve spent the week crying, reading, feeling euphoric now that I have a name, researching and writing down some tips. I also started medication this week.

After never being able to use headspace more than 1 time, I meditated for 36 minutes today (multiple sessions while I was working), worked an entire 8 hr day (probably the 5th since September) and completed a work task that I have put off for 3 months and that has caused me extreme stress.

I wanted my first post to be a little more thoughtful and helpful, but I’m really proud of myself and I haven’t felt this feeling in over 10 years. It’s a small victory that feels almost indescribable. Discovering all of the stories here, which opened my eyes to my hidden symptoms, changed my life. Im so excited to start this journey (and would love to connect with anyone!)

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