Left my 8 year old at a table doing school work for 20 mins and when I came back he had actually written something! (2nd day on meds) : ADHD


He’s just been diagnosed with ADHD and started on Medikinet yesterday. He has never been able to concentrate in class, being distracted by every single little thing (if nothing available he’d find a bit of loose thread or something from his clothes) – and he couldn’t stay still in a chair. He was getting further and further behind in school.

We’re in the UK so still homeschooling at the moment (ignoring half term because of med start!). Yesterday’s first dose made him talk constantly for a couple of hours so I didn’t hold out much hope for today. But he wrote a couple of paragraphs with me sitting with him (already a step forward as we would normally only achieve a couple of lines in the same time). And then, as an experiment, I left him to it while I went to do something with his little sister for 20 mins. When I came back he was still sitting at the table and had written a whole paragraph on his own!! Both of these were unthinkable a week ago.

He is a lovely boy so I think he would be okay whatever… but it feels so good to have a little more hope for his future!

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