Losing sight focus ?seeing blurry while spaced out? : ADHD


I just got diagnosed with ADHD/ADD a week ago so I have very little information about it. And I have been wondering if what I am experiencing is also part of ADD. I really don’t know how to explain this… So for my whole life whenever I am “daydreaming” or spacing out I notice at some point that I am looking at something but my vision is blurry then I notice it and then it come backs to normal .

Now before some of you assume I “must be just going blind or something” … It has nothing to do with eye sight as I can come back to normal after realizing it . Just when I space out and stare at whatever thing I am staring at and when I realize that I am staring at it I see the thing blurry like an out of focus camera and I can come back from it ( sometimes at will as well)

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