Made the mistake of getting diagnosed : ADHD


Not even a throwaway because at this point, I don’t even care. I’m 29 years old, knew something was wrong, I was “tested” for ADHD as a kid but was told I didn’t have it because I didn’t fit the usual symptoms.

Battled through school to barely pass, started working.. Found a career I love a few years ago, covid-19 hits.. Back home off the road because the entertainment industry is halted to a stop with no return in sight.

Finally start talking to a psychiatrist, explain to her my symptoms and over a few visits was told I may have inattentive ADHD/ADD.

She started me on Strattera a month ago, things finally start clearing up.. finally making sense. Fast forward a week ago I start Adderall and holy shit I feel normal for once in my life.

Now that I’m home, no job, living in the most affected state thats literally locking back down due to Covid while our wonderful government pisses away the UI extension.. Trying to find work but haven’t worked a “real” job in two years and what will accept me doesn’t pay the bills (welcome to California where everything is expensive) and I currently don’t have an college degree because I thought I was a failure.

Sorry for the rant, really am. Just needed to get this off my chest, I know all stories aren’t the same.. I feel bad for those that go through the struggle.

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