My best friend and I (both have ADHD) reconnected after two years today!! : ADHD


My best friend and I (22f both) met when we were roommates in boarding school, and despite being pretty different, we became best friends, joined at the hip even when we were in different countries. We both have pretty severe ADHD and live fairly crazy lives, and two years ago she was going through some rough times and stopped responding to me. I was so scared she had died or been kidnapped for ransom (our lives really are crazy), and I looked for her for two years but couldn’t find her. I eventually figured that she might have forgotten to respond and got nervous because she thought I’d be angry at her- I have the same tendency (just ADHD things), and I have lost contact with a lot of people because of this. I reached out to her yesterday saying that I miss her and still consider her my best friend, and she responded saying that she missed me too, that I’m still her best friend, and that she had wanted to write me a letter but she was nervous to reach out! She asked to hang out but since we last spoke I moved out of the country, but we’ll be in the same city in August. I love her so much and I’m so happy that I was able to overcome the fear of reaching out and possible rejection. I have my best friend back!

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