My brain when it was in the factory : ADHD


○ hi .. iam the new brain

● yeah yeah welcome, so you will be assigned to this guy , but first you need to go down our ADHD drill department

○ cool can you tell me more about it ? What should i do to him?

● oh sure , first of all you should not be able to focus on any thing productive at all

○ ok !

● yeah and no matter how hard you try to do his work , YOU SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH IT the way you want at least

○ what about memory strength

● what , we dont have that here , your memory should only recall shitty and useless things ,ONLY

● so do you have any hobbies?

○ yeah i do have one .. i like playing vio…

● well now you will have 19 of them , and you will keep jumping from one to another every 2 days

○ anything else?

● of course , come close let me charge your time management device with power

○ ok here it is

● yeah just hold on .. it won’t take long

○ sir ! Eh it is burning , i won’t be able to mange my time like this !!!!!!!!!!

throws it who needs it any way

● now thats all , any questions?

○ yeah, where is my phone, i was holding it 2 seconds ago?

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